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Testimonial - La

Dane Maxim Richeson - Lawrence University Conservatory of Music

Rachel Graber (Student)

Andrew Green (Student)

“What a pleasure to hear your group, see you dance, experience the joy in your students. You are decidedly a blessing!” 

Professor Felicia Sandler

New England Conservatory of Music 


Nani has a fire, he has a vision - Professor Felicia Sandler

"The first thing that hits you when Nani Agbeli walks into a classroom is that he’s the real thing.  He is Africa.  He’s the energy, the exuberance, the joy, the warmth, and playfulness.

He’s one of those people that —through the inviting and irresistable nature of his own personality — inspires you to try things you didn’t think you would try, no less succeed at!  

It’s impossible to be in a classroom with Nani and not want to do what he does; to play, to dance, to express, to lose yourself in music and movement.  

He’s one of a kind, a Johnny Appleseed for the amazing tradition of African music and dance."

Doug Berman

Lead drummer (Volta Drum Dance)

Luke Rivard

Student (Lawrence University)


High expectation - Luke Rivard

“He is a world class treasure. Any school, organization, or private student interested in learning about Ghanaian music and culture would be truly fortunate to work with Nani.” 

Faith Conant

Director, Five College African Drum Ensembles

“I have witnessed Nani work with students of all ages, elementary to adult…they ALL respond to his work with enthusiasm and plea for his return.” 

Dane Maxim Richeson

Lawrence University Conservatory of Music


“He is the best and most dedicated performer of his great musical tradition that I have ever seen.” 
Faith Conant
Director, Five College African Drum Ensembles


“Nani is dazzling in his movements, musical timing, and connection with audiences.” 
David Locke
Professor of Music, Tufts University


“I have never felt so moved by music and dance as I did Friday night. Thank you.” 
Marilyn Frasier
KulikChair, Department of Liberal Arts & SciencesBerkeley College of Business


“Many people mentioned what a skilled teacher you are--breaking down the drum patterns and dance movements in a logical, sequential way. You are indeed a master teacher, dancer, drummer, and we were so lucky to have you.” 
Martha Holmes


“Each child had the opportunity to learn Gahu dancing, play an instrument, and ask Nani questions about his Ghanaian culture, and demonstrated their elation with their smiles and laughter. It was quite moving to see the powerful effect that Nani and his music had on our culturally diverse students population.” 
Ms. Celia McMenamin
(Ottawa, Canada)


“In the years I have been associated with Richmond, Nani's Artistic Residence was one of the best that I have seen.” 
Larry Musich
Richmond Elementary School Appleton, Wisconsin


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