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BTC - African Drum Class

Every Sunday at 12 pm. PST (ongoing)

The goal of Bridge the Core is to educate, share, and connect our community around the culture and traditions of Ghana and West Africa - specifically music, dance, song, and food. We invite you to use this framework further to explore all these aspects concerning your roots and identity. Understanding where you come from provides a solid foundation to help you focus on where you want to go. Everyone is welcome in this community - people of different cultures, genders, skills, backgrounds, and goals.

For each month in weekly classes, you will be introduced to various individual instruments, techniques for playing/the musical roles of those instruments in the chosen music, and improvisation theory and practice for all parts. Each month we will explore a new piece. You will learn basic techniques and rhythms in class. The hands-on teaching style in this class will enable you to achieve your highest potential while exploring Ghana's vibrant and dynamic musical arts. Beginners will learn the fundamentals and understand Ghanaian music, while intermediate and advanced students will enhance and master their techniques and skills. You will be guided step-by-step through every nuance of style, and precision of practice, regardless of your musical background. At the end of each month, the instructor will host a cooking class on how to prepare a traditional Ghanaian dish that relates to the dance explored that month. Details for the cooking class will be provided in the workshop.

Course Methodology and Learning Goals

BTC Drum website.jpg

This class will happen every Sunday, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. PST. To join the class:

1) pay the $15 class fee through Venmo @naniagbeli, or PayPal, include the date/s you are signing up for in the Venmo or PayPal description.

2) register for the class to receive an email with the Zoom link approximately one hour before class begins.

Please pay before you sign up

Adzogbo - Len slow
00:00 / 08:05
Adzogbo - Len normal tempo
00:00 / 07:04
Nani Agbeli.jpg

BTC-Dance Class

Every Saturday at 12 pm. PST

The goal of Bridge the Core is to educate, share, and connect our community around the culture and traditions of Ghana, West Africa - specifically music, dance, song, and more




BTC-for Kid's

When: TBD

"Nani's visits have helped my students develop their musical and social skills. they have learned to work together as an ensemble and have been exposed to the value of learning about different world cultures." - Sarah LeDuc



Coming soon
Nani Agbeli Agbekor - CalArts 11_edited.

BTC-One on One

Contact Nani

Each student will be guided step-by-step through every nuance of style, detail of movement, and precision of technique, regardless of their music or dance more



BTC Workout Dance videos on YouTube

Experience the best authentic, electrifying, and exuberant way to exercise with Ghanaian West African dance. Each piece has been picked to target and work on specific muscles in your body, but doing so within a fun dance workout routine. Make it part of your daily exercise and you will see the results! Check it out

BTC past drum class audios

BTC Gahu Boba/Tingo (Feb. 2021)
00:00 / 07:33
BTC fast Agbekor (faster tempo - tingo/axatse. Intermediate)
00:00 / 06:06
00:00 / 11:55


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I am not a medical health practitioner or mental health provider and I am not holding myself out to be in any capacity. Rather, I serve as a Ghanaian, West African dance coach, mentor and guide to help you reach your own health and wellness goals by incorporating dance into your daily practice. The information I provide is based on my personal experience, studies of Ghanaian, West African traditional dance and culture, and my experience as a traditional dancer.


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