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Nani Agbeli is a highly respected and accomplished musician and dancer renowned for his exceptional skills as a traditional Ghanaian West African artist with an extensive drumming, dancing, and history background. His family, renowned for their excellence in drumming, dancing, arts, culture, and history, originates from the Volta region of Ghana. Nani's father, the late Godwin K. Agbeli, was a celebrated drummer, dancer, and historian who was chairman of Ghana's folklore music.


Nani is highly regarded for his electrifying performances that showcase his exceptional energy, precision, and athleticism. He is also deeply committed to preserving his cultural heritage and traditions while sharing them with the world as a historian and cultural ambassador.


Nani has led the award-winning cultural troupe Sankofa Roots II and served as the principal instructor of drumming and dancing at Dagbe Cultural Center, which his father owns. The institution trains local and international students in various aspects of traditional Ghanaian arts.


Nani aspires to unify West African music and dance with creative multi-arts initiatives in percussion, music, dance, history, healing, and choreography. He has taught Ghanaian drumming and dancing at prestigious universities, including Tufts University, Lane Tech College Prep, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Harvard University, Berklee College of Music, Bowling Green University, and Edna Marley School of Dance, Theater, and Textile. His leadership and guidance have helped performing ensembles at these institutions achieve great success.


At Tufts, he was the Artistic Director of the Agbekor Drum and Dance Society. His role at Tufts University was instrumental in enriching the cultural experiences of students and locals alike. He was crucial in promoting West African art and culture by leading the group in performances and workshops. Nani currently holds the position of Director of Ghanaian and West African Music and Dance at Pomona College and Lawrence University, where he imparts his extensive knowledge of traditional African music and dance to students, preparing them to become experts in the field.


In addition to his regular teaching duties, Nani provides personalized private lessons tailored to the individual needs of his students. These lessons can be conducted in-person or online, allowing learners to choose the mode of instruction that suits them best. Furthermore, Nani organizes study tours to Ghana during July and August, offering a unique opportunity to explore the nation's rich culture and heritage while learning from the locals.


Nani is a multi-talented artist, excelling in various creative fields. In addition to his expertise in drumming and dancing, he has skills in textiles, painting, web design, and computer graphics. His mastery in these areas showcases his talent and demonstrates his passion for creativity and commitment to unifying traditional Ghanaian music, dance, history, diversity, and arts.


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