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Starting January, 02/2021 (ongoing)

The goal of Bridge the Core is to educate, share, and connect our community around the culture and traditions of Ghana, West Africa - specifically music, dance, song, and food.  We invite you to then use this framework to further explore all these aspects in relation to your own roots and identity. Understanding where you come from provides a solid foundation to help you focus on where you want to go.  Everyone is welcome in this community - people of different cultures, genders, skills, backgrounds, and goals.

In weekly classes, you will be introduced to a variety of Ghana's traditional dances. Each month we will explore a new dance. You will be introduced to the structure and technique, the music's primary rhythms, and the accompanying body movements. While learning the key body movements you will master the relationship between traditional drumming and dancing, develop an independent ability to feel the dominant rhythms and polyrhythms, and respond instantly and confidently to musical instructions from the lead drum. At the end of each month, the instructor will host a cooking class on how to prepare a traditional Ghanaian dish that relates to the dance explored that month. Details for the cooking class will be provided in the workshop.

Course Methodology and Learning Goals

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