Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) Jan.-Apr.

Nani designed a curriculum and performance plan for Harvard’s African drum and dance ensemble, Padame. He lead the ensemble in drumming, dance, and singing for their yearly performances. Nani also designed a special workshop and performance for the African Studies Department in the winter session, which included an intense, 90-minute Ghanaian dance class.

New England Conservatory (Boston, MA) Feb. 21

With the Agbekor Drum and Dance Society, Nani Agbeli performed Adzogbo, Agbekor, Asafo, and Akpese at a festival and symposium celebrating the music of Dr. Ephraim Amu. The event was organized by Felicia Sandler and hosted by The New England Conservatory.

Tufts University, Kiniwe Ensemble (Boston, MA) Apr. 25

Under the direction of Nani Agbeli, the Agbekor Drum and Dance Society joined Tufts' African music ensemble, Kiniwe, for their end of semester concert of Ghanaian music and dance. The performance featured Akpese, a relatively recent style of Ghanaian music which blends Christian songs with traditional Ewe recreational drumming and dancing. As Christianity is the faith of the majority of the Ewe people today, drummers, dancers, and singers show their spirit by joyously praising God together within the energetic context of the music of Akpese.

Bang On a Can. MASS MoCA (North Adams, MA) Jul. 10

Music teachers from all over the world came together at a world music festival organized by Bang on a Can. Nani was an instructor at the festival, teaching them Ghanaian music, dance and song; culminating in a group performance.


The Boston Area Kodaly Educator (Boston, MA) Sep. 21

Nani designed a four-hour, educational music, dance and song workshop for music teachers around the Boston area to be used in their classrooms. The workshop was based on the music of Gahu, a recreational and social dance.

Lawrence University (Appteton, WI) May 19

Nani worked as an Artist in Residence with Lawrence University's African drum and dance ensemble, Kinkaviwo, in preparation for their end of semester concert that featured the music of Gahu, Adzogbo, Kinka and Atsia.

Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre (Cambridge, MA) Jun. 16

Nani led a 90-minute master dance class at Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre"s "Dance for World Community" Festival. He was also featured in a performance with the Agbekor Drum and Dance Society.

Lane Tech College Prep (Chicago, ILL) May 8

As an Artist in Residence, Nani worked with several classes at Lane Tech, including the Jazz Ensemble and the African/Modern Music Ensemble. Nani guided them on how to incorporate Ghanaian traditional music within the American Jazz style for a concert performance.

Berwick Academy (South Berwick, ME) Feb. 8

Nani worked with elementary, middle, and high school students at Berwick Academy for one semester, instructing and leading them in a performance of the Ghanaian music of Tokoe, Agbekor, Fume-Fume and Kpanlogo for their end of semester concert.

Williams Elementary School (Newton, MA) Feb. 7

Nani offered an assembly performance at Williams Elementary School to entertain, educate, and share the culture of Ghanaian music and dance with the students. The assembly included an audience participation component to engage the students and to allow them to better experience the energy of the music.