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What is music and dance like in Ghana?

Ghanaian music and dance is full of expression and relates to life as it exists in Ghana. Music is everywhere in Ghana. On any given day, strolling through a village one may hear a mother singing a lullaby to her child, a man singing a work song as he cuts down a tree for firewood, a child singing an insult song to a cousin, or someone singing a dirge for a lost loved one. You may hear children drumming while imitating their older siblings, or perhaps there is a funeral for which communal musical performances will continue deep into the night.


In Ghanaian culture, life is reflected and portrayed through the movements and rhythms used in music, dance, and song.

What are the different features of Ghanaian music?

Unlike other forms of African music, Ghanaian music and dance consists of many distinct layers of rhythm and movement which interact with one another in dialogue, creating a unified whole when performed together. The rhythm of Ghanaian music speaks to every individual and incorporates the common elements of life in its message.


By studying Ghanaian music and dance, one can not only learn another way to approach music and dance in general, but learn about the music which for generations has influenced the musical expression of other cultures. In this way, understanding Ghanaian music and dance will help broaden knowledge and appreciation of not only Ghanaian and other African music, but for world music and dance as well.


Can I study Ghanaian music/dance even with little or no background in music and dance?

Yes! Ghanaian music and dance is continually approached by people of all ages and abilities.


There are complicated, intricate rhythms and energetic movements for those who want to take Ghanaian music and dance to the highest level, as well as basic, relaxing rhythms and movements for those who want to experience the beauty of the music and dance in a more casual way. For all musical levels, Nani Agbeli provides a welcoming and a supportive learning environment, fostering creativity and enhancing music ability, bringing out hidden talents and helping his students enjoy Ghanaian music and dance to their fullest ability.

How and where do I start?

To begin your exciting journey into Ghanaian music and dance, contact Nani Agbeli at or visit the contact page and send a message. Explore the music and dance inside you. Come, let us drum, dance, and sing!

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